Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pet Photos

I spent most of yesterday organizing and uploading photos from 2010. In the past, I have done a good job of keeping up with this task throughout the year. This year, I left it all for the end. Let's just say that I've learned my lesson. Going backwards through the year, I'm only on June. Yikes!

One of the silver linings in my procrastination, however, is that I'm seeing the full sweep of the year at year's end. I forgot about some of the items I sewed, quilted, or knitted-- until I saw the photos I took (time to update my Ravelry page)! Several themes have emerged-- butterflies and the flowers that sustain them, leaves (always leaves), pets, education projects, documentation of creative projects such as sewing and knitting, and of course, family/friends.

Today, I share some of my recent pet photos. The first photo is Bailey in his ever-present and ever-graceful bow. When we pull in the driveway, I see him rising from his window spot-- bowing. He meets us at the back door with his happy face and tail.

The second photo shows a quiet moment between all three pets-- seeking the sunlight streaming through the windows.

In the third photo, Conn is in the Christmas tree. He climbs it at least twice a day, knocks off at least two ornaments, messes up the light arrangement, and breaks a few limbs. Good thing I love him to death. Good thing the tree has a stable base.

Last, Rowan was ill on Christmas Eve. Because we had switched the cats' food, she had been quietly losing weight-- a lot of weight-- because she was so stubborn she refused to eat. Willpower. Sheer willpower. After a few days of the old food, meds from the vet, and some special canned food, she recovered. Here, Conn is comforting her. So sweet.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Visitors

After making so many bird ornaments in the last month (with more still to go), I decided to do some real birding since we no longer have outside cats. It's my first new year resolution.

On Christmas Eve, the children and I made 6 pine cone bird-feeders. Our dog longed for a spoonful of peanut butter, and the squirrels quickly discovered and devoured the leftover seeds on the sidewalk. They also managed to escape with three of the pine cones (I caught one red-handed as he ran off along the top of the fence). Three feeders are left in the remains of the butterfly bushes.

Using our new chalkboard place mats, I made a list of the birds and squirrels we've seen so far today. Bird book in hand, I'm hoping to get better at distinguishing sparrows.

Shhh. . . add a Towhee to the list. . .

Merry Christmas.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Crafting

Thank goodness for twelve days of Christmas-- I'm going to need all of them. My dining room table still looks like the first photo. I'll clean it off for tomorrow, but I still have plans for more sewing of Christmas gifts. I've sent out about 40 or so felt bird ornaments into the world with a few more to hatch tonight.

Peace to all this Christmas Eve.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice Sunflower

On this solstice day, I present my daughter's sunflower and sky blanket. I started it with the advent of this blog several years ago. You can see its beginnings on my first post if you scroll down to the very bottom. I had just turned forty years old and had just finished my son's rainbow blanket. While I didn't work on it constantly (many other sewing and knitting projects intervened), it was a constant companion throughout many days and nights. With its completion, I'm busy sewing gifts for Christmas and other celebrations.

Solstice greetings!

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