Friday, September 18, 2009

After School : 2

"A football game? You went to a football game?" Astonishment.

" Yes, we did."

People who know my family know that we are not team sports watchers. We all have our physical outlets-- running, walking, biking, pilates, hiking, yoga, swimming, and just being kids-- but we don't spend time playing or watching team sports as a general rule.

My daughter's art assignment and a friend's invitation to go along with them for the same assignment got us out to the field (some of her photos are here). We watched the players, marveled at the cheerleaders and their ability to smile through every cheer, and looked closely at the lines and perspectives of the field from different vantage points. We took our little camera to capture a few shots for more detailed drawing. I liked the contrast of the referees uniform in the first photo, the looming sky in the second, the shadows of the cheerleaders in the third, and the spontaneous play of the last photograph.

And we all did some socializing in the stands-- talking and hand-clapping games included. That's the best part about a football game.

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