Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seeding, Holding, Revisiting, & Knitting

2.19.11: Seeding

2.20.11: Holding

2.21.11: Revisiting

2.22.11: Knitting

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Jen said...

I love all four of these pictures! (Well, I love every picture you post, and the simple, lovely titles...) What is the yarn you are using for your scarf?

Angela said...

Wow! I love seeing your handwriting in that book! I remember you had a big, beautiful script that I thought was nearly perfect.

I agree with Jen. All of your pictures and titles are quite lovely. They speak of art and simplicity and times shared with family and friends. They speak of a beautiful life.

Julie Nolte Owen said...

Jen and Angela, Thank you so much for your kind words! They are so encouraging.

This little experiment of trying to take one photo each day for a photo diary is proving interesting. I decided to try it after seeing some others that folks have done. Some of them are simply beautiful. I'm not trying to take perfect photos as much as I'm grabbing whatever camera is closest-- sometimes my phone-- to capture a moment.

Since I had not done a very good job of blogging lately, I thought the photo diary might be a halfway point between what I used to do and what I have time for now.

Even so, it is sometimes hard to remember to take a photo on really busy days that are not filled with some special activity, so that is why you so often see a knitting photo from the end of the day!

The yarn for the Movie Star Scarf is Shimmer lace yarn from KnitPicks-- Eucalyptus. I've made headway on this scarf and hope to finish it this weekend.

Re: the old book from Searcy-- I'm reading the Little House books to M.E. She has been reluctant to read them herself, and I don't think any girl should grow up without reading them. She is loving them, and they take me back to my childhood. Beth and I used to play Little House like girls of today play with American Girl dolls. We had rag dolls made by our grandmother to look like Laura and Mary. So fun.