Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Back. . .

In November and December, I was addicted to hat making.  I knitted all Thanksgiving break and beyond into the last few weeks of school.  I knitted during winter break, and I still have a few more to finish as the new year begins. 

It has been a good Christmas season, and we are still lingering over the last two days of the school break and preparing for one more birthday on Epiphany.  In our neighborhood, we are one of the last families to put our decorations and tree up, and we are last to take them down-- unless the cats get the better of me.

One of the daily comic episodes in our house has been the game:  "Keep the Cats Out of the Christmas Tree Room."  Every day, at least one or both cats find their way in to be retrieved from branches, tangles of lights, and an ever-growing collection of ornaments on the floor instead of the tree.  I suppose they are slowly helping to un-decorate the tree. 

Bailey has been my constant companion as he follows me around the house most of the day unless he is deep in sleep.  He watches everything, unless he is asleep, with his worried-looking eyes.  He has enjoyed the visits of family and friends.  He has relished extra walks with the slower pace of life.   He has become so deaf  that last night's fireworks did not stir him into trembles of anxiety.  To see another year turn over with Bailey is a gift. 

Finally, I leave you with apologies that I have been absent for so long.  While I'm not making any promises for 2012, I have missed this place for recording some of the things I am doing, making, and thinking.  Happy New Year! 

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