Friday, January 22, 2010

Sacred Space

This little space in my house makes me happy every time I see it-- especially when the afternoon sunlight shines through the front door windows or when the lamplight glows on the golden walls. Lately, I have been thinking of it as a small, home altar or prayer table.

In my "sacred space" right now:

1) A bowl of yarn: The beautiful bowl was made by a potter from West Point, Mississippi, and given to us by the first church my husband served as a priest. The yarn is a mixture of stuff-- dishcloth cotton, Kool-aid dyed wool done by me two summers ago, and scraps from various projects. Most people who know me well know that I like to knit. Knitting is creative, peaceful (unless you are learning to knit something new and difficult), beautiful, and useful.

2) A hand-knitted textile: comprised by me of 4 log cabin squares put together to resemble a cross. This was an early experiment with log-cabin techniques. Log cabin textiles remind me of labyrinths.

3) A glass cross: made by an artist/friend with whom I taught last year. It makes me think of creativity, spirit, vibrancy, and enthusiasm.

4) A prayer card: made by my son in Catechesis last week featuring the best hand-writing I've ever seen him do. It says: "Dear God, reveal yourself to me again today. Help me to see you clearly, to hear your message willingly, and to share you word with generosity. Amen."

5) A Christmas card: seen in the background of a random Flickr photo last year and purchased by me because I liked it so much. For me, it symbolizes all of the wonderful women friends I love and treasure-- young and old-- past and present.

6) A stack of books: Well, I am a librarian!

P.S. Aesthetically, I like the play of bright colors in these objects against the golden background of the wall, sunlight, and wood. I also like photographs that accidentally capture the photographer through a mirror, window or water reflection, or shadow.

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mrs. misenar said...

love the cross!