Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sew Lazy

I'm sew lazy today that I don't even have a photo to go with this post-- unusual for me. I have been sewing all day. The only thing extra that I have done was to host a friend's child for a play-date with my son. That venture doesn't really count, however, because it didn't require any extra effort from me. The boys played together "seamlessly," and my daughter made them macaroni and cheese for lunch.

I've made 4 French-seamed pillowcases for each member of the family out of flannel in beautiful prints appropriate for each person. This project arose from my daughter's request for "New Year's" pillowcases to replace the very soft and cozy Christmas pillowcases that needed to be put away for next year. I'm proud to say that my sewing skills have improved since I made the Christmas pillowcases last year. The New Year's pillowcases are much better.

I have e-mails to which I need to respond.

I have financial stuff that needs attention.

I have thank-you notes to write.

I always have some organizing and cleaning to do.

I always have books that beckon my eyes.

But I chose to sew all day, and it was a blast. Not only did I make the pillowcases, but I also made a baby blanket (almost finished) for a needed gift. In the late afternoon, my daughter and I freezer-paper stenciled some Valentine's Day gifts. Shhhhh. . . .don't tell!

P.S. I couldn't post without a photo or three. Here are the prints for each bedroom's new pillowcases. Can you tell which print goes with which bedroom?

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Sarah Campbell said...

Love that flannel. Isn't a sewing day just grand? I'm so glad everything went smoothly around you.