Monday, March 29, 2010

Education Photography : Negotiation

Third through sixth grade students in literature connection classes completed their puppet creation for student-written commercials (in the style of early Jim Henson commercials) featuring Mississippi companies. This "group" project has already seen several class times of planning, playing, and putting together (more alliteration). Now, it is time to really hone in on the script, action, and personalities of the puppets. We are moving on to the production phase! All along, we have tested and developed our negotiating skills. Can you see students negotiating in the above photos?

Negotiating with materials was also a feature of the project. Students has to work with the "stuff" we had or that they brought from home. No new materials were purchased. We had bins and bags of felt, yarn, old socks, and lots of recycled objects such as bottle caps, boxes, and old craft supplies from past projects. Sometimes an idea worked, and sometimes it was back to the drawing board. It was always a little loud "down in the basement" because negotiating in small groups is not a silent activity. It was always messy because creativity with children demands a willingness for organized chaos. The results, even while the process may have been frustrating or challenging at times, are amazing. Light bulbs went off along the way, and I see some pride in accomplishment in the photos below. Negotiating with classmates and with materials was successful and made for some invigorating days of learning and teaching.

P.S. Sixth graders are not too old to play with puppets.


Jen said...

Charlie loves those commercials - he thinks they're hysterical. I hadn't thought of encouraging him to imagine some of his own... A fun summer activity, maybe! Thanks for the inspiration!

mrs. misenar said...

i remember all of those precious children. maybe i can be a guest reader one day and bring hazel!