Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Looking

Yesterday afternoon after our trip to LeFleur's Bluff, we had fun with binoculars closer to home in the front yard. Looking up into the trees against the gorgeous, blue sky, we spied a squirrel's nest. Two juvenile squirrels were wrestling on the branch outside of the nest until the parents started barking to warn them that we were all watching them. I brought out my mother's dusty binoculars.

If you look closely at the photo of the binoculars, you can see my reflection taking the photo. I like this image of lens to lens, so I may try to re-capture it in some better light and without the dust.

After the photo shoot, I settled in with some knitting on a blanket that was started last summer at the pool. The colors will go well with the little white and purple flowers starting to spring up in stretches of grass.

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