Saturday, March 14, 2009

Every Minute Counts

photos of clocks made by first graders at Casey Elementary

At the beginning of this spring break, here are a few thoughts and wishes regarding time, and how I want to spend it:
  • I wish I had enough time to spend more time observing in schools because when I make time, I am transformed. This week will be a small break from this-- oh-- except going up to help re-plant the garden in the courtyard-- oh-- and except spending some time making progress on plans for a family arts festival--oh-- and except any blog posts that may result from any of the above activities.
  • I've been spending a lot of time on knitting websites, blogs, and on Ravelry looking at various shawls and wraps because I want to knit something like this for someone special. So far, I haven't found the perfect pattern, so I will probably need to design my own. Sometimes searching the web for ideas can feel like a waste of time or a goose chase, but I remind myself that I'm doing research, getting inspiration, and developing my own ideas.
  • Because I've been spending time on knitting sites, I also have several other projects in mind. Oh, no. There is not enough time for them all!
  • I still have my sewing machine and quilting supplies out on the dining room table. They have been there since the new year began. I walk by them, clean up the stuff around them, and wonder when I will get back to sewing and quilting. Soon. This week? I hope sew. Especially since I bought two inspiring and beautiful books (this and this) with inspiring and beautiful projects that even I can attempt.
  • I have a reading list. I'm finishing up one book on my own, reading another with my daughter, and waiting for Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson to arrive.
  • I also have that other list-- the dreaded list-- of things I need to do that always fall by the wayside during normal times. I need to gather the tax documents to send to the accountant, clean out a few cabinets and drawers, try to get my office under control, etc. And, there is also the yard-- the leaves, the pruning, the gutters.
So, every minute counts. I wish I didn't have the last list-- the dreaded list. I wish I could knit, read, sew, and play with the children all day. But, spring break gives me freedom and choices to make, and I like that. I hope I can keep it all in balance.

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Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

I hate the dreaded "other" list.

Jen said...

We've been busy with the "other" stuff, too - the list of home improvements that we think we can pull off without spending much... Just spent the afternoon moving the dining room table into the kitchen and turning the dining room into a music and homework room. It was actually fun, except for seeing the amount of dust and cat toys that had accumulated under some of the furniture...

Add "play date for kids and adults" to the list! The only day we're away is Tuesday...