Friday, August 28, 2009

Wilting and Blooming

I love my three day weekends even when they include doctor appointments, errands, and cleaning. I love them even more when they also include a little sewing or knitting, and I'm looking forward to doing both on my own and with a friend this afternoon. On Fridays, I can catch my breath while the children are still at school for a few more hours and get ready for weekending with the family which will include some yard work, shopping at the farmer's market, and a church picnic if it doesn't get rained out.

My red sunflower has been slowly wilting this week. Yesterday, after teaching back-to-back classes all day, I felt the same way. I brought it inside to enjoy for a few more days. The only other sunflower from my seedling transplants to survive is now starting to bloom. It is a regular yellow sunflower, but it is small at only about 3 feet high.

Here's hoping that everyone feels more like the blooming flower than the wilting flower this weekend!

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