Saturday, October 24, 2009

Very Small

Can you see the very small wolfsnail on this piece of wood? I don't think I would have seen it, but one of my first grade students with sharp eyes did! If you want to read more about learning about these creatures with first graders, see my school blog. I'm having a blast.

This wolfsnail was found on Monday. It is being kept by first graders for study and observation. We have to locate very small garden snails to keep it fed.

This tiny wolfsnail was found in a discarded bottle cap. Can you believe that we found one even tinier than this? I can't get a good photo of it without some more power in my camera!

The large wolfsnail that we have been observing and caring for this week has met many, many students in the past few days-- probably about 150 all together. How's that for being an ambassador for very small creatures and their place in our world?

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