Saturday, February 6, 2010

All in a Day

I made my first quilt! Never mind that it only measures 16 x 19 inches. I made my first quilt. . . in one day! I used this tutorial with fabric I gathered over a year ago because I liked the happy prints of primary colors. Making it was infinitely pleasurable. Besides breakfast, a shower, a trip to the art museum to see and create puppets, lunch, a bundled-up walk with the children and dog, and watching last week's episode of Emma, I did nothing else today except work on this quilt. I started it in my pajamas and finished it in a different pair of pajamas. What fun.

Granted, I did not try any fancy quilting techniques. For that, I need a friend or a local sewing shop to help me learn how to change out the special presser feet I ordered almost a year ago. But I did learn how to make the binding from scratch and attach it properly.

Now, my daughter has another accessory for her dolls just in time for her sketchbook assignment for the week:

"It's a Doll's World. Gather your favorite dolls or action figures. Create an environment for them so that they relate in some way to each other. Use a light to increase the drama of light and shadow. Fill the page with your drawing."

The second photo is her staging for the assignment complete with the appropriate lighting and shadows. She will start sketching tomorrow, and I've already started cutting out the pieces for the next project.

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Sarah Campbell said...

Lovely little quilt. You are so wise to start small. Your daughter's sketch will have that little something extra, for sure.