Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow After Noon

So much for my mid-day and evening posts. I was in the process of uploading photos for noon, when our power went off because of falling branches. This was some heavy, wet snow! It sounded like the 4th of July in our neighborhood! We were without power from around 11:00 am until 7:30 pm. The disruption ate into my plans for sewing with the sewing machine and for baking cookies in the oven.

Instead, my son learned how to knit, I made a little more progress on an old project, and my daughter added a few stitches to another old project. Three snow sculptures were built and began to melt. Finally, I spent the afternoon and early evening talking and laughing with an extremely hospitable friend in her warm house.

Most of the snow has already melted away, and I have plans to use that sewing machine tomorrow.

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Jen said...

You had a new knitter, too! And I'm glad you found a warm place to spend the afternoon and evening...we were just beginning to get really cold when our power finally came back on. Brrr! It looks like y'all had a fun day despite the chill, and how wonderful that we still have a Saturday and Sunday left of the weekend!