Thursday, July 22, 2010

Afternoons This Week

Two cups of tea,
two sewing machines,
two sisters,
and two sewing projects.

One cat who does a little of everything:
reclining on the IPad with the instructions for one of the sewing projects,
sniffing the sewing machines,
playing with bits of ribbon and string,
batting bunches of fabric,
fetching a ball,
messing up my applique design.

Two hours of afternoon entertainment. All three of us were purring.

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Jen said...

What a lovely week! I've loved all your pictures and gentle writing the past several posts, all the color and joy... As much as I love the sewing and the sweet kitty, though, I'm also amazed to see an ipad! I didn't know y'all had one! Do you love it? I still haven't even been to the Apple store to look at them because I'm afraid I'd be tempted...

Julie Nolte Owen said...
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Julie Nolte Owen said...

The IPad belongs to my sister. Alas. I've been able to play with it, though. Pretty cool.