Monday, February 2, 2009


Block printing was the highlight of my weekend. While my son watched me printing my third block on the floor of the kitchen, he told me that my prints didn't have enough "action" in them. Interesting.

On the other hand, his oil pastel drawings on black construction paper constitute "action." I agree.

My daughter, on her own, incorporated my love for all things square and log-cabinish into her own Styrofoam block printing. Has she watched me knitting and sewing lately? I love it.

And, she drew a city-scape oil-pastel that depicts the times. Given the "For Rent" sign in the top of the tall building, I think I can safely say that she has overheard NPR reporting about the economy a few times in the last six months.

This commentary is a brief and simplistic illustration of the following statements: we can learn a lot about our children through what they draw and create. We can learn a lot about each other through art.

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mrs. misenar said...

such a wonderful and creative mama!