Monday, February 16, 2009

Finishing something old, starting something new

I started these gratitude wraps (back in December and January (blogged here and here). I modified the pattern to omit the bias tape binding, and I finger-knitted the tie closures. I had done everything except sew the closures on, so I spent some time yesterday finishing these up. Very gratifying. They are made to hold a small notebook, thank-you notes, a pen, and a package of stamps with the idea of always having the supplies ready to write a note of thanks.

I plan to re-purpose the design to make little book-writing kits and other Montessori type activities for my library. Not long ago, I ran across this beautiful blog by Meg McElwee which documents some of her hand-made projects for the Montessori classroom. Her new blog seems to be focused more on crafting and sewing in general, and it is just as beautiful and inspiring. It has me thinking about and designing handmade materials that I can use in my elementary school library. Now, I just need some time.

This new yarn is my daughter's project. She first learned to knit as a Kindergartner, but I don't think she has ever finished a project except a small scarf for her favorite stuffed panda bear. We were supposed to have her friend and my friend (her friend's mom) over to learn how to knit yesterday, but a stomach virus claimed their immediate attention. Today, I am claimed by the same illness, but I am feeling well enough to sit at the computer for some writing and catching up on some Internet research and reading.

I'm also starting a new blogging project for children. Check out its beginning here. Yes, I'm crazy. I am thankful for this bit of slowed-down time today which has allowed me to start this new venture.

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Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Callie has just started knitting. She made a "cape" for her baby doll (It started out as a scarf, but she kept increasing stitches.) and is now working on a scarf for her brother. She loves it like I do!

mrs. misenar said...

can i buy a gratitude wrap from you?