Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day

Today, I somehow fit in almost everything that I really like. I sewed three projects with the new (old) machine. I made a gratitude wrap for my daughter, a Star Wars pillow for my son, and a "5 Minute Skirt" for me that actually took most of the afternoon. I took our dog on a walk with my daughter, and I made homemade bread. After dinner, the family is watching a movie together. It couldn't be much more perfect than this.

I tend to make resolutions every morning, noon, and night, so New Year's Eve is normal. But, if I have a New Year's resolution, it is to keep doing what I'm doing-- making time for things that are important and things that bring me and others joy. Sometimes, I have to find a balance between them. Sometimes, I am thankful when they intersect.

Happy New Year!
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