Monday, December 8, 2008

Second Sunday in Advent

I'm having lots of fun creating collages through Picasa. They look like little quilts of photos and tell stories in different ways from single shots. Yesterday at St. Andrew's Cathedral, I took photos of things that struck me in their simplicity and beauty-- clay figures of Gabriel and baby Jesus that the children made in Catechesis, children playing music and working in the atriums, panels of the Aids Memorial Quilt that were on display in the parish hall, banners of St. Nicholas and the Tree of Life, and the light shining down through the courtyard onto the last remaining leaves of the pear tree.

I'm sure that folks "out-there" have already done this, but wouldn't it be interesting to make a collage for each day of the year to create a quilt-like photographic journal? This may be my new project for the coming year. . .
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