Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Shyest One

Our mother/daughter group went to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League for a service project yesterday after school let out for the holidays. Each family gathered a few supplies or made a monetary donation to the shelter, and we spent time loving, petting, and holding some of the puppies and kittens.

The Australian Shepherd above is still in my mind. She didn't bark. She didn't wag her tail. She stayed at the edge of her kennel and let me touch her, but she was was meek and frightened. When I got a leash to try to take her out into the yard, she cowered in the corner. So, I sat with her in her cage for a while. I pet her on the back and head, but I'm not sure what she really thought. It was noisy as the other large dogs in the outdoor kennels were constantly barking.

The staff said that she had come from the country. She had been running around by herself, and it had been difficult to catch her. In fact, she escaped the people trying to catch her, twice. A woman is going to work with her to help her learn to trust people. I hope she will succeed.

In the kennel with her yesterday, I imagined her running through tall grass, free and happy. She wrote poetry with her amber eyes. Of all the animals at the shelter yesterday, this little lady spoke to me most by not speaking.
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