Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

Photo collage from St. Nicholas Day activities: Saint Andrew's Cathedral celebration and bell choir rehearsal from Wednesday night; making paper miters with my students at St. Therese; Saturday morning presents for my children; little birds for some special people; and hearth and home.
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Angela said...

The little birds remind me of a short story you wrote in 10th grade about a little bird on a window sill. Do you remember?

Julie Owen said...

I had forgotten about that story! I can't believe you remembered it.

When I made these, I was thinking of a song that we sang in 5th grade choir called "Little Bird, Little Bird." For some reason, this song has stayed with me all these years. I have sung it to both of my children, but my son has particularly loved to hear it and still asks for it at bedtime. It is from Don Quixote or Man of La Mancha.

Angela said...

I do remember "Little Bird, Little Bird" the cinnamon tree! There are sooo many songs I remember from 5th grade choir and they pop into my head at the oddest times. I always liked "Bless the Beast and the Children". Do you remember doing the Laverne and Shirley song with the matching shirts? Did we put letters on our chests like Laverne had on hers? Right after we moved back to Searcy my daughter Becca was taking piano lessons from Mrs. Jones (who had taught us in choir). She was very talented and great with kids. She had battled cancer shortly after we had her in 5th grade. A couple of years ago she developed pancreatic cancer and she passed away within 9 months. Becca was taking lessons from her right up until the end.