Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As the Christmas cards start to arrive, I faithfully put them in a pile on the chest in the foyer. I am reminded that I haven't sent out any cards yet. Then, the empty Japanese maple branches against the chilly, December sky lure me to take yet another photo of its arms and fingers sometimes wet with raindrops or sometimes glowing in the sunlight. My house is full of piles of things in the office. Work stuff, home finance stuff, sewing and knitting projects in progress, and stacks of returned papers and artwork from the children's work at school. At least, I'm keeping up with the laundry.

After my son's birthday, the children really wanted to put up the Christmas tree. We resisted the urge, and I convinced them that we wouldn't be able to enjoy it with all of the other things that had to be accomplished on Sunday with church activities, getting ready for the work week, and reviewing for exams. Instead, we put up one of our many nativity sets and wreaths on the front and back doors. The tree is something we can look forward to for this weekend.

It is sometimes hard to stay in advent when businesses, friends, neighbors, parties, and school programs have passed it by. For now, for me, the most beautiful tree decorations are the raindrops, berries, and dried seeds on the tree branches. We'll stay here a little longer. . . waiting.
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Angela said...

You are a gifted wordsmith. Each time I read your two or three paragraph blog posts I feel as if the world slows down, just a little, so that I can take in your words and appreciate the beauty of the world through your eyes.

Julie Owen said...

You are so kind! I have found that posting on this blog has helped me become more connected to things that are important but often get overlooked in the business of daily life. It helps me slow down to put my thoughts/feelings into words. The photos give me a place from which to start. Thank you, Angela.