Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitting Lesson Photographed

My daughter and I gave a knitting lesson to two dear friends, also a mother daughter duo, yesterday. We had a wonderful time sitting on the sofa three in a row while my daughter acted as the photographer snapping photos from all directions. She has learned a few things from watching me photograph and frame my subjects at various angles above and below, sideways, and close-up. I love these photos which show the essentials of our afternoon: our hands, our yarn, and our needles. Both mother and daughter were excellent students and picked up on the basics very quickly.

I love teaching and sharing knitting because I love knitting. I can't imagine life without it. With it, I knit together far more than fiber and yarn. With it, I knit together disjointed, "multi- tasked" pieces of my day with longer stretches of time intended just for creativity. I knit together quiet moments of solitude with crazy times of community in waiting rooms, meetings, swimming pools, playgrounds, or birthday parties. I knit together introversion and extroversion. I knit together morning, noon, and night. I knit together intensive reflection and mindless TV or radio. I knit prayers into daily life.

At the beginning of their knitting journey, I hope that my dear friends find the same joy and meaning in the craft that I have found.

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mrs. misenar said...

when can i get a lesson?

Graeme said...

Looks like a fun afternoon. Great job on the photos ME.

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

I love these thoughts. My favorite prayer times are while I am knitting.