Monday, April 6, 2009

Fading to Green

Every day I say to myself, "how can I take another photo of this tree?" I mean, just how many photos of leaves and sunlight does one really need? But, every day, this tree amazes me, and I am compelled. My neighbors must think I'm crazy. One has stopped to ask me if we are selling the house and gathering photos for a listing. "No, I say. I'm just taking some photos for fun." It is fun.

The deep burgundy is beginning to fade to green-- especially from underneath the leaves when the sunlight shines through. I wonder what mixture of colors it will be next week? I'll be watching and waiting to see and share.

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Sarah Campbell said...

Fun is all it needs to be. It happens to be beautiful, too. And spreading beauty in the world is a great thing to do.

Jen said...

I'm glad you keep taking pictures of the tree! It's so beautiful, and reminds me of my grandmother's house, where there was a similar tree in the front yard...