Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sharing Nature

On Monday, I took Winslow to St. Therese Catholic School to share with all of my students from 4 years old through 6th grade. I pulled a few books about butterflies before the classes came downstairs. Mondays are primarily days to return old books and find new books, so there is not much time for a lesson. However, all classes were fascinated to observe Winslow eating his milkweed leaves and leaving his frass (caterpillar poop) around the container. In the photo above, 5th grade students read Winslow a book by Lois Ehlert titled Waiting for Wings. Apparently, he needs to know what next steps he might take as a caterpillar.

I am moved by seeing how much Winslow grows each day. I am equally moved by watching others of all ages encounter Winslow.

Happy Earth Day!

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Jen said...

Winslow is one lucky (and quite handsome!) caterpillar!

mrs. misenar said...

i like his name. wonder where you got that from???? :)