Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From Above

I love these photos my daughter took over the weekend. I've been so busy lately with end-of-school "stuff," that I didn't have many photos from which to choose and about which to write. When I downloaded these from the camera, I claimed them for a few thoughts. Bailey is looking out the front window in his favorite spot. Charlie is in the kitchen looking like he might want to pounce down upon the laptop cords. "Is it a snake or a mouse with a really long tail?"

If someone--God-- were looking down on me right now, I'm afraid I would not look as peaceful. I have my irons in too many fires. Work, schools, home. Tomorrow, I play "Mother Goose" for a special first grade program, and I'm pulling together the last pieces for a family arts festival. Whew. After this weekend, I will breathe a sigh of relief.

When I'm busy, my family feels it. The house gets cluttered. The laundry piles up. My patience is short. I need more forgiveness than usual.

I slept with our last caterpillar assuming the "J position" on the bedside table last night. I knew he or she was close to transforming into a chrysalis, and I really wanted to see it. I tried to stay awake, but I needed sleep just as much as I wanted to see the metamorphosis. Finally, I turned out the light and trusted that the transformation would happen even without my eyes-- and that someone else might be watching even while I was sleeping.

I hope that there is someone above, below, around, or in us watching all of us-- people and caterpillars and more-- in our daily transformations. Even so, there was another chrysalis to behold this morning--green, gold, and still-- and this is something for which to be thankful.

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