Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family & Frivolity

Amidst the Alleluias of Easter Vigil and Easter morning, there is also a hefty dose of frivolity and family. Since my husband is the priest in the family, I balance it out and make sure that everything else happens. I bake a bunny from bread every year. I am the Easter Bunny's assistant in preparing the baskets. I take the photos of sweet children in pretty clothes with Easter baskets to commemorate the day forever. I love the trumpets, bells, incense and rumbling organ of a beautiful Easter worship service.

But, I also love the quiet moments that happen in between, before, and after. Asparagus roasting in the oven. . . Brussels sprouts. . . shallots. . . new potatoes. . . yellow roses on the kitchen table that a friend gave me yesterday. . . hemming a new skirt for spring. . . planting sweet and purple basil . . . a day off from work tomorrow. . . watching the sky turn from blue to gray. . . bar charts of Easter candy on the floor of the living room . . .

The highest category on the bar chart? Hershey's chocolate eggs. I can help with that.

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