Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is the milkweed plant we planted from a local nursery. I'm not sure if monarch butterflies will want to use it as their own "nursery" for eggs, but the yellow flowers are pretty and will go well in our butterfly/herb garden. From reading around on the the Internet, it seems that monarchs may prefer certain types of milkweed, and there are hundreds of varieties. One site says that this type is a preferred host for monarchs. We'll see. This is a variety called Asclepias Curassvica or "Silky Gold Butterfly Flower." Even if it doesn't attract future generations of eggs and caterpillars, it will be used as a nectaring source for numerous butterfly species.

Our four caterpillars at home have all turned into chrysalises. My daughter's caterpillar at school is a chrysalis. My son's caterpillar at school was in a "J" formation when he left on Friday. The first graders at St. Therese have one chrysalis, one about to be a chrysalis, and one still eating. My friends who gathered eggs with us that beautiful Saturday have many chrysalises and large caterpillars just waiting for their own transformations.

Throughout this butterfly project, connections and intersections have been made in so many ways-- with books, poetry, research on the Internet, science, nature, plants, friends, students, photography, e-mail conversations and sharing--and wonder. I'm loving it.

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