Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sabbath Haiku

Butterfly Sabbath
Open and clear chrysalis
Wings beat, rest, and fly

There has been all manner of excitement this Sunday. The children and I decided to take our sabbath at home. Our first chrysalis opened to reveal "a beautiful butterfly." We are still waiting for her to fly away. My daughter and I both let her crawl on our fingers, hands, and arms with her prickly feet. I transferred her to a butterfly bush in our little, backyard garden. The rain has died down.

The children both did their own blog posts about Matilda (who used to be Buddy) here and here. My daughter wrote her a poem and read it to her. . . hoping she would fly off.

I hope she will be happy for her brief life out in the world. She is resting in the wind and air now. I hope she is able to feel the sun, drink from flowers, walk across leaves, find another butterfly friend, and lay her eggs.

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NeuroticFitchMom said...

I have enjoyed so much reading about your butterfly and seeing the pictures and what the children wrote. Thanks for sharing it with us.