Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Butterfly Colors

Both of my cats were extremely interested in me taking photographs of Matilda, and I love how their fur coordinates so nicely with her orange, black and white. We had to be careful about making sure they were not outside getting too close because Matilda hung around our house for about 24 hours even after we released her. She didn't seem to want to fly. After hanging out in the garage all afternoon, I transferred her to the backyard after the rain stopped. I worried about her all day while I was at school and rushed home to find, thankfully, that she was not still on the lantana but enjoying her butterfly wings somewhere else.

I enjoyed her butterfly wings and butterfly body immensely. Because she didn't immediately fly off as Winslow did yesterday, I was able to take photograph after photograph of her and study her legs, feet, body, antennae, wings, spots, and face up-close and at leisure. What a gift. Some of my best photos are on this blog post from yesterday. I've included a couple more below.

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