Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tea Party Brunch

As this summer starts, I'm reminded of how many activities can be packed into one day, how early in the day serious activity starts at my house, and how many messes we can make through it all.

The photos from above reflect one multi-layered activity started at around 6:00 am and completed at 10:30 am. The girls (my daughter and her friend) made mini-treats for breakfast (mini as in the size for their dolls). They made a mini oatmeal creme pie cake (blogged here at 9:22 am). They made mini rolls when I was baking some bread, and they made mini sandwiches for their picnic. I helped them with nothing besides following behind and wiping up a few crumbs here and there. By the time they had done all of this, it was only 10:00 am, and I suggested that they have a brunch instead of lunch with all of their goodies. They rolled out the blanket, gathered the mini tea set, and headed outside for their feast.

There were many other activities of the day after 10:30 am, but this one was the sweetest. Summer gives us the time to do things like this. Something surprising and unplanned can take over a morning or an afternoon if we let it happen.

I wonder what it will be today?

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