Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday's PJ's

The activity that took over yesterday was sewing. Because I was getting together with a friend for a sew-a-long, I had to clear off some space on the dining room table for our projects and her sewing machine. Before she came over, I cut out these Capri pants (Simplicity 7229) to try out the sizing because I really want to make the skirt out of some more expensive fabric.

I'm still such a beginner that I don't have much confidence. Pattern sizing is so crazy, and pattern reading is not yet intuitive. Except for cutting the fabric out on the wrong side and almost sewing a seam in the wrong place, all worked out well. I wore the pants as comfortable PJ's last night. I made the drawstring from dishcloth cotton using the finger-knitting technique.

The summer skirt is today's project (and hopefully, tomorrow's post!).

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Jen said...

So cute! It looks like they turned out well. Thank you again for your time and patience yesterday - I learned a lot!