Friday, May 8, 2009

Ballerina Blossom

I had not planned on posting today for this blog because I knew that I needed to spend my precious time on another blog and on the dreaded housework that has been accumulating in my busyness and which strongly correlated with the activity on the aforementioned blog post. "No, Julie. No. No. No! You cannot sit at the computer all day or wander around the mazes of Flickr. You cannot surf the Internet for new and interesting blogs. You cannot organize your growing photo collection and create endless photo collages on Picasa. Don't even think about opening Facebook!" You know your housework is out of control when you are embarrassed for the teenage sitter to come later tonight.

But. . . how could I resist this? I looked out the home-office window to see this little blossom floating in the wind. The white flower was attached to a run-away spider silk, so it appeared to be dancing on its stage of green grass. I grabbed the camera and wished I could have zoomed even more. I love the very short video below because the birds are providing the music for this tiny, delicate dancer. What a small and precious moment.

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Bryan Owen said...

Wow! That's really cool.