Thursday, April 8, 2010

Making Fib Accordion Books

Third graders at St. Therese Catholic School made their Fib accordion books on Wednesday and Thursday as part of a special project with visiting author/photographer, Sarah Campbell. We had already met Sarah during an author visit and reading of her new book, Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature, on March 31, 2010 (see our posts here and here). The next morning, Sarah returned to St. Therese for an outdoor photography session (posts here and here) with students on the playground.

Book-making was very hard work that involved measuring, folding, cutting, taping, and stapling. While the third graders were familiar with measurement, applying this skill required concentration and attention to details. I had thought we could make the books in one class period, but it actually took two, 30 minute sessions for all 13 students to complete the book-making from start to finish (along with returning and checking out new library books). Three students were able to complete the book in one session after watching me construct a book in a start-to-finish demonstration. Other students needed one-on-one assistance to complete the process.

Photos of a student-made, but empty, Fib accordion book are below. Sarah and I plan to create a step-by-step tutorial to share for making these books. Next week, the students will write their photography-inspired Fib poems in these bare books. The Fib books will not be blank for long!

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Sarah Campbell said...

Very nice images of the book. Well lit. Now for the writing.