Friday, April 2, 2010

Photography on the Playground

Day 2 of Sarah Campbell's visit with third graders from St. Therese Catholic School took us outside. The weather could not have been better. We had morning sunshine (good for photos), mild temperatures (good for exploring), and many spring wildflowers (good for photo subjects).

Before we went off in our groups, Sarah gave the students a few pointers about taking photos. We also instructed them to only take horizontal photos because the books we are making will have a horizontal shape. Sarah took 7 children and 3 cameras to share. I took 6 children with 2 cameras. Both Sarah and I also had our own cameras to document the children taking photos and to take a few photos of our own. Check out Sarah's blog post about yesterday to see some of her photos using a macro lens.

By the time we made it outside and were ready to start shooting, we only had about 30 minutes left. Each student had a camera for about 9 or 10 minutes. Some students took over 20 photos, while others only took 5 or 6 photos. The students also chose to take their photos from many different angles (as seen in the photos below). Whether we were crouching down low or aiming high, we all discovered things about our school ground that we might not have noticed before.

One student remarked to me, "Mrs. Owen, I think there is always nature to see if we just take the time to look."

My response: "Absolutely!"

In half an hour, we saw ants, sparrows, insects, many flowers, trees, pine cones, pollen, berries, buds, tree bark, crawdad holes, water, mud, grass, blue sky, leaves new and old, rocks, tree limbs, and lichens. I'm looking forward to meeting with each student individually to review their photos and choose their favorite photo for the book-making and poetry writing next week.

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Jen said...

How marvelous! I hope you can share some of their photos... What a wonderful project, with so many different elements.