Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Nest

I have been away from home-- even flying like a bird through the skies-- for several days. It was a wonderful trip to the International Reading Association's annual convention in Chicago with a good friend (who has already been posting photos about it here). I am glad to be back at home in my nest in Jackson with my family and friends, pets, and students. I hope to write more about the conference soon.

Jennifer, a blogging friend, knitter, mom, and many other things, wrote a lovely piece about my blog and our friendship. Her words are lengths of the most beautiful yarn imaginable weaving into my "nest." Thank you, Jennifer, for reminding me about the intersections and the daily choices made at those intersections.

The nest photo was taken before I left for Chicago, and I carried the image with me during the trip away. It had been in a large sticker bush along the fence row that we pruned down to the ground. Some pair of birds is probably not happy, but I hope they were able to start over again in time for their eggs.

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