Monday, June 7, 2010

Backyard Turtle

While my children are with their grandparents this week, I promised to send them daily photos of our cats. I think they will miss the cats more than me! This little scene happened this morning before 7:00 am. My son found this turtle last Tuesday while raking magnolia leaves with his dad. He had wanted me to take a photo of it, but it hid away before I made it outside with my camera. This morning, it visited my herb/butterfly garden, and the cats watched it scuttle around and plod away with great interest.

Lately, I have seen several back and front yard residents a little more unusual than the numerous squirrels, anoles, geckos, birds, and insects. Who knows what else is around? A large garden snake (photo below) was sunning itself in the jasmine several weeks ago. A cottontail rabbit has been munching in the garden regularly. I'll be on the look-out and try to get its photo next.


Flower Power said...

Mary E.: I can't belive that you saw a turtle and a snake!!!!!!Today we saw 7 deer and more than 25 dragonflies!!!!! I still miss you!

Hobson will coment later.

Julie Nolte Owen said...

7 deer! Did you get some photos? Miss and love you, too.