Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knitting with Cats

I knew it. As soon as I returned home from assembling these two skeins of yarn onto two circular needles to make two socks at the same time, I knew Conn would want to check it out. He had better not mess this project up as he did by partially unraveling a finished dishcloth! Didn't I tell you he has a thing for the kitchen table-- and textiles? Twenty seconds of sitting and knitting, and he was there. No kidding.

Rowan has a thing for textiles, too. She took an afternoon nap on a new seat quilt while Conn investigated the knitting, and I carefully made sense of yarn and needles. This project promises some challenge and some fun-- especially if I have to keep putting the project down to take a few photos.

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Jen said...

I love all the cat pictures! They have such personality! And i'm so impressed about two socks on two circulars - are you taking a class? I would love to learn... I haven't even done one sock on two circulars!

Julie Nolte Owen said...

Jen, Sarah C. and I are teaching ourselves with a book that Sarah has. She started these before, but didn't finish a pair. We are starting a new pair together. Do you want to join us? I could help you get set up on the needles anytime. We are using size 2 needles and some yarn from Knit Studio. You need 2 needles that are 24 inches and different colors or 24 inches and 16 inches to help keep the needles straight. I'm using different colors. Sarah is using the different lengths. It's fun. Join us!