Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogging with Cats

Yesterday while I was preparing the post on Sewing for Cats, I was visited by Conn. Do you see what he does? He gets in the middle of anything done at the kitchen table-- homework, reading the newspaper, breakfast, blogging, writing, photo shoots. He doesn't like to be held, but he does like to "hang out" purring and inching closer to the center of whatever is going on. When my friend came over to start a knitting project yesterday, he lounged on the coffee table nearby (and he played with my water by dunking his paw in the glass). For him, the kitchen table must be like a tree with a great view of the creatures outside and goings on inside.

The cats like their seat quilts. Under the table or on the table, they are providing great company during this quiet week while the children are off catching fish, swimming, laughing, and meeting new people.

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