Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back at Home

Thank goodness for my maple tree. It is my only decoration as November turns to December, and like clockwork, it turns brilliant red every year during this next week. It greeted us on our return from Arkansas a little less orange and a little more red.

Every other house in the neighborhood may have their lights strung and inside trees decorated, but we wait a few more weeks into Advent. I love Thanksgiving so much, it is hard for me to switch gears towards Christmas. The trees around us in this southern part of Mississippi still wear their autumn dresses. I'm not quite ready for red and green until I see the leaves of my maple painting the brick sidewalk and green grass in front of my house. This eases me into December towards Christmas. For now, I'm still at home and content to see a few more autumn leaves fall slowly and silently to the ground.

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