Sunday, November 22, 2009

Education Photography

After a year of blogging and taking photographs to use on my blog, I have accumulated many, many photos of children in learning situations-- at school, at home, at church, on field trips, and at special events. I am discovering that education photography is a dominant theme in my photos alongside the documentation of creative endeavors such as knitting and sewing and observational photography of nature. My students at school know that "Mrs. Owen" grabs the camera all day long even in the most ordinary (extraordinary?) moments and have heard my frustration when I discover that I have accidentally left it at home.

My education photographs serve several purposes for me. They help me document, share, and reflect upon my work. They provide fodder for thinking of the next step. They capture moments of inspiration and creativity. When I review a set of photos after a day's work, I am noticing, imagining, wondering, and dreaming. I see questions, quiet moments, exuberance, teamwork, solitude, thinking, frustrations, reading, reflection, connections, joy, sadness, puzzlement, and possibilities.

This may sound strange, but I think that I pray through my photographs-- for each child and for hope. I am the one who is learning.

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