Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monarch Hospitality

This female monarch butterfly visited our backyard butterfly bushes this afternoon. She stayed around for at least 3 hours-- until the sun started setting. She fed on the fresh, white flower clusters with purpose and was not easily frightened away by my presence or the bees that kept fighting her for the best feeding spots. At one point, she was on the same flower with two large bees.

When I first caught a glimpse of the butterfly outside, I thought I might have seen a bird. Monarchs are some of the largest butterflies that I see out there. I was so excited to discover another migrating monarch. Since our caterpillar rearing in April, I have learned so much about these remarkable creatures, and I feel some kinship with them. I'm on their side, and I hope that she can make it all the way to her winter roosting spot. Through our garden hospitality, I'm honored that I can give her some new energy for her journey.

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Sarah Campbell said...

Wow! Wow! and more Wow! I love these photos.