Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Log Cabin Dishcloth & Styrofoam Printing

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Looking at the colors in this washcloth makes me happy! It might even make washing the dishes a little more enjoyable. One of my teacher friends, Kathy D., made this over the weekend after coming to my little knitting gathering to learn log-cabin knitting techniques. It reminds both of us of something from Honduras because of the bright blues, reds, and yellow. Now, I want to make one just as colorful. This was made with Peaches and Cream dishcloth cotton.

At school today, I assisted the art teacher in teaching the students how to make a simple block-prints using recycled styrofoam as the block and ball point pens as the carving utensil. Below is what one of the Kindergarten students made. This is a great method to use with any age child. Sometimes the younger children amaze me with their abstract designs!

Just look at my tree today in the full glory of the afternoon sunshine:


mrs. misenar said...

i want to learn how to make those dishrags. how much fun!

Julie Owen said...

I can show you how to log-cabin knit anytime you are ready! Let's get together sometime!