Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making Way for Advent

Advent starts today. I can feel the tension building knowing how much needs to be done between now and Christmas-- for work, for home, for church, for friends. But, I'm going to resist the craziness with every fiber of my being.

Thanksgiving week was good practice. We spent most of our time in the house. Almost every table was always covered with an art project, craft, sewing, or food. This is how I would like Advent to be this year with lots of time for making homemade gifts.

Done alone, sewing and knitting are primarily quiet activities perfect for contemplation or just thinking about stuff. If done with others, sewing and knitting bring people together in a common endeavor of creativity and community. The children certainly experienced this. My sister and I did, too.

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Jen said...

Julie, I absolutely love this picture of the red leaves. When I was in middle school, my step mother and I went on a hike and became engrossed in searching for a perfect red leaf, without any blemishes. I don't think we ever found one, but we found lots of beautiful red leaves along the way. She wrote a lovely poem about it. I would love to make a print of this photo and frame it for her birthday - would that be okay with you?