Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Activities

This is one of Bailey's favorite spots. I have an old quilt folded up for him to recline on in front of both windows in the dining room/sitting room.

Last night, Charlie and Nellie found themselves next to each other on the futon in the den. I had been in between them. That they remained so close to each other even after I left was remarkable since grumpy Nellie cannot abide sweet Charlie. Because it was so cold outside, they must have just been grateful to have a warm place to sleep for the night.

My daughter had a spend the night friend-- S. They played and played and played. In the afternoon, they started working on a homemade game-- "A Walk Around the Park."

I piddled around doing this and that. I've started another blanket even though I haven't finished the Sunflower blanket yet. This just ended up in my hands one night this week.

It was a lazy kind of pre-Thanksgiving Saturday. Now, just look at these leaves basking in the sun!


mrs. misenar said...

we had a lazy day. i am doing a green/organic tree this year. everything is jude-friendly. i worked on paper ornaments most of the day.

Julie Owen said...

What are you doing to make an organic/green tree? I remember how hard it was to decorate the tree when the children were at the toddler stage!