Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leaves and Fabric

This is the Japanese Maple at the entrance to my home. It is just starting to turn from greens to browns and oranges, and then to brilliant red. I'll take a photo of it each day from now until the day that I come home and all of the beautiful red leaves are on the ground and brick walkway. This photo was taken on my birthday (yesterday). It was cool and rainy in the morning. By the afternoon, the sun was out and shining on all of the colorful leaves.

Today's photo (a little more brown and orange) looks like this:

I couldn't resit spending today looking at trees. I took a walk this morning in the neighborhood with my daughter and dog. Then, I went to the Museum of Natural Science to walk on the trails "in the woods." For, now, most of the colors are still green, golden, and orange. There are not many reds in the mix.

This afternoon, I bought fabric from Quilt Arts and Hancocks. I didn't have a project in mind, but these colors and patterns jumped out at me. Comparing the photos of trees that I took today, I think I've been inspired by the palette of today.

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Sarah Campbell said...

I went through a phase last year when I was seemingly obsessed with leaves. I collected them on walks. Tried to draw them. Tried to paint them. Started drawing a quilt block, etc. Then, about mid summer or so I thought back to that crazy obsession I had had with leaves -- thinking maybe I was a little nuts. Then, the autumn came again this year. I guess it's not a random obsession; it's a seasonal one. Perhaps, I'm not so nuts.