Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Changes : 2

after weeks and weeks of no rain,
a stormy and dark Tuesday morning

preparing to pupate

emerging eggplant

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Jen said...

Did you find the caterpillar in your yard? I didn't know you had another one living with you! What is his or her name? Beautiful pictures...

Julie Nolte Owen said...

The caterpillar will be a black swallowtail butterfly. They eat parsley, dill, fennel, and such. We had two, itty-bitty ones that we tried to raise, but they died. This big, fat one came from Sarah C.'s parsley by way of Bonnie B. who was taking care of them while S.C. is out of town. The camera that I'm taking recent photos with is Sarah C.'s, too. She is loaning it to me while she is in Chicago.

The caterpillar had pupated when we returned from VBS tonight. Photos tomorrow!