Saturday, July 25, 2009

Changes : 6

This morning, the chrysalis turned dark-- almost black. I must have checked on it 20 times during the morning, and I noticed it gradually revealing more of the butterfly inside. In the end, I missed the actual emergence. Walking through the kitchen, I squealed-- no, I screamed-- with delight when I saw the fully formed butterfly with wings ready for flight. It happened so fast-- in the beat of a butterfly wing.

The children named her Foxy. She flew around our garden for a few moments, glided over the roof of our house, and landed on a branch in our Magnolia tree. You can see her just right and slightly up from the center of the last photo.

If you didn't know she was there, you would just see a bunch of leaves. Do you see her?

Even the empty chrysalis is beautiful.

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Sarah Campbell said...

Great photos to document the process! I should drag out the ones I took of ours from when Douglas was about Hobson's age. I am so glad you guys nurtured the caterpillars through their stages.