Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo Quilting: 3

This was a piece-by-piece day-- a square by square day-- so many errands-- running here and running there.

My son and I were caught in a severe thunderstorm (with a full shopping cart) in ripping winds, cracking lights, and roaring, thunderous groans. Another shopping cart left empty almost plowed right through me in the parking lot as I struggled to reach my vehicle. I turned back, and a kind gentleman helped me to safety through automatic, sliding doors.

At home this week, I've slowly been creating a "studio-space" -- a crafting room-- so that the front dining room/sitting area that has been covered in patchwork, strings, and needles since January is not visible to the entire neighborhood through front windows. Very soon, early walkers or runners will not have to see me sewing in my pajamas at 4:30 am when I can't sleep (yes, I could have closed the shutters, but that change would not have been nearly as dramatic). Very soon, I can have guests over without tripping over extension cords and piles of fabric or yarn.

This sewing/quilting thing has taken over-- a little.

Knitting is great for taking to the pool, Sunday school, a doctor's office, a meeting that will run too long, or a Netflix show. But, sewing and quilting take SPACE.

I'm getting there, but my husband has to adjust to the new office arrangement.

Piece. . . by. . . piece. . . square. . . by. . . square. . .

photos my me, photo editing by my son, collage by me

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mrs. misenar said...

every artist needs their own space!