Thursday, July 9, 2009

What They Did

1. built a go-cart with power tools
2. picked flowers and tomatoes
3. played with the animals-- dogs, cats, and a horse
4. rode the horse around the pasture
5. rode the finished go-cart
6. roasted marshmallows
7. went swimming and golfing
8. had a leftover sundae for breakfast
9. dug for worms
10. went fishing with those worms
11. paddled on Beaver Dam Lake through the cypress knee swamp
12. observed a cool water spider
13. played with Daddy's toys from the attic
14. watched a crop-duster
15.visited a great aunt and uncle and held a baby cousin
16. didn't get bored
17. had as much fun as possible in 3 days with loving and attentive grandparents
18. gave Mama a much needed retreat
19. came home with lots of photographs and stories
20. had more sugar than usual

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Jen said...

What a wonderful vacation!