Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unexpected Beauty

While at the Casey garden yesterday, I was amazed at so many changes from the previous week. These photos record a beautiful surprise discovered from looking closely through photography. The dill plant in the herb bed was very dry. The dried seeds fanning out in their circular pattern looked like lace from the top. This was what drew me in. Then, I noticed the ribbon-like dried leaves further down and bent to take their photo. Waiting for me there, was a spider hanging out on her silken strands. She never moved even though I observed her for a long time. In the sunlight, she was the same golden color as the dried dill plant. Her spider legs seemed just as delicate and brittle, too.

One more image from the top. . . with a little imagination, it could be July 4th fireworks! I'm signing off for a few days of vacation-- back mid next week.

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Sarah Campbell said...

Lovely. I once took a spider lily from the top. You found a very good angle. Cool spider, too.

I also liked the gecko ones you sent via email; please go ahead and post them to the blog if you want. I'm sure others will want to see them and I was being temporarily crazed.